Grey quarter-zip polar fleece

On the picture is author of this blog Aleksandar Kovrlija.

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What is polar fleece and why?

Polar fleece is a finish,type of manufacturing a synthetic fabric named polyester.

It is a staple for long cold weather period and it can also be worn during transitional period.

Polar fleece or simply polar is warm,durable and easy to combine.

It is one of the IT industry favourites but it can be seen among other proffesions too.

The best colours of a fleece are grey,dark khaki green,maroon and navy.

There are hot debates whether it should be called sweatshirt or a jacket.

Styles can be covered as zip,half-zip,quarter-zip or even a hoodie.

It is very popular in the extreme sports such as hiking and it has useful properties.

It is easy to layer and it doesn't require additional layer on it (except winter jacket).

Traditional layering consist of polyester training shirt,polar fleece and then winter jacket.

During transitional period instead of winter jacket put overcoat on top of the fleece.

Bold ones can use car coat too instead of overcoat.

Some of the stylish gurus wear dress shirts and ties underneath polar.

Why is polar fleece underrated?

                                                           Navy half-zip polar fleece
                                    On the picture is author of this blog Aleksandar Kovrlija.

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Answer to the question is that the fashion industry predominately forces ties and dress shirts.

Polar is considered by many as a layer during winter but it seems not too stylish.

The reason is probably because it's hard to find polar fleece without big manufacturing logos.

It is firstly skiing friendly apparel and then after that it can be used as a stylish item.

Some of the people don't wear fleece at all but prefer rather to put wool jumper on them.

Jumpers are heavy during transitional period and that's when polar comes into the play.

Places to wear polar are big cold mountain tops,Palo Alto officesand casual cofee shops.

Fleece is labeled as office casual style,street casual when worn as hoodie or a sport apparel.


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